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How to Find Rolex Serial/Model Numbers

How to Find Rolex Serial/Model Numbers Featured Image

If you wish to sell a used Rolex watch, it’s important to know that every genuine Rolex has two sets of identification numbers that indicate the watch’s model and approximate date of manufacture.

Model numbers, also called case or reference numbers, indicate the particular model or variation of your Rolex, and the serial number is the unique identification number engraved on your particular watch. In addition to verifying that your watch is a genuine Rolex (with the corresponding paperwork), the serial number can provide information about the watch’s approximate date of manufacture.

In this article, the watch buyers at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers will outline the steps that you need to take to find these important identification numbers.


How to Find the Serial Number on a Rolex Watch

The serial numbers on a Rolex can be found in one of two places. If the watch was produced in 2005 or later, the serial number will be engraved on the inner rim of the watch face at the 6 o’clock position.

For older Rolex watches, the serial number is located the side of the watch case at the 6 o’clock position, between the lugs where the bracelet is attached. In order to reveal the serial number, the bracelet must be removed.

Removing the bracelet from your Rolex isn’t complicated, but if you have never done it you might consider having a jeweler show you how–you certainly don’t want to damage your watch. To remove the bracelet from your Rolex, you’ll need either a jeweler’s screwdriver or a push pin, depending on whether your Rolex has exposed lugs or not.

For a watch without exposed lugs, find the notch in the lug and depress the lugs, one a time, and apply downward pressure on the end of the bracelet. For models with exposed lugs, use a pushpin or similarly shaped object to depress the lugs, one at a time, while applying downward pressure on the end of the bracelet.

Once the bracelet is removed, the serial number is visible on the side of the case at the 6 o’clock position. Since Rolex doesn’t publish official information about the age of their watches, the age of any given watch can only be estimated by using the serial number. That said, an approximate date of manufacture can be made by using the serial number chart we have posted below.

Keep in mind that watches produced from 1926 to 1986 featured sequential serial numbers, with a notable exception in the middle 1950s when Rolex reached serial number 999,999. In a hasty and perhaps shortsighted decision, Rolex began numbering watches again at 100,000, leading to serial numbers from 100,000 to 999,999 appearing on watches in two time periods.

For example, a a serial number from an early 1950s Rolex watch could appear on a model that was manufactured much later. Cross checking serial and model numbers is one way to avoid potential confusion.



28,000  1926                868,900  1953                 6,434,000  1980
30,440  1927                934,000  1954                 6,910,000  1981
32,960  1928                1,012,000  1955              7,386,000  1882
33,000  1929               1,090,000  1956              7,862,000  1983
37,820  1930               1,168,000  1957                8,338,000  1984
40,250  1931               1,246,000  1958               8,814,000  1985
42,700  1932               1,324,000  1959               9,290,000  1986
45,000  1934               1,402,000  1960              9,766,000  1987
63,000  1935               1,480,000  1961              R000,000  1987
81,000  1936               1,558,000  1962              L000,001  1989
99,000  1937               1,636,000  1963              E000,001  1990
117,000  1938              1,714,000  1964              X000,001  1991
135,000  1939             1,792,000  1965              N000,001  1991
164,600  1940             1,871,000  1966              C000,001  1992
194,200  1941             2,163,900  1967              S000,001  1993
223,800  1942            2,426,800  1968              W000,001  1994/5
253,400  1943            2,689,700  1969              T000,001  1995
283,000  1944            2,952,600  1970              U000,001  1997
348,200  1945            3,215,500  1971               A000,001  1999
413,200  1946            3,478,400  1972              P000,001  2000
478,300  1947            3,741,300  1973               K000,001  2001
543,400  1948            4,004,200  1974             Y000,001  2002
608,500  1949            4,267,100  1975              F000,001  2003
650,000  1950           4,539,000  1976             D000,001  2005
738,700  1951             5,006,000  1977            Z000,001  2006
803,800  1952            5,482,000  1978            M000,001  2008
5,958,000  1979         V000,001  2009


G000,001 * 2009 (Fall) to Present — Mixed Serials 2009 (Fall) to Present


How to Find the Model Number on a Rolex Watch

The model, or reference, number of your Rolex is engraved on the side of the watch case at the 12 o’clock position, between the lugs. Again, you’ll have to remove the bracelet to reveal the model number.

As expected, model numbers indicate the particular model Rolex you own, but they also provide information about the bezel, and what material the watch is made of. Reference numbers can be four, five, or six digits long.

The first two or three digits indicate what type of watch it is. If the reference number is 5 digits long, the fourth number tells the type of bezel:

0–Polished; 1–Finely Engine Turned; 2–Engine Turned; 3–Fluted; 4–Hand-Crafted; 5–Pyramid; 6–Rotating Bezel

The final digit in the reference number indicates the material the watch is made of:

0–Stainless; 1–Yellow Gold Filled; 2–White Gold Filled; 3–Stainless and Yellow Gold; 4–Stainless with 18k White Gold; 5–Gold Shell; 6–Platinum; 7–14k Yellow Gold; 8–18k Yellow Gold.

If you are interested in selling your Rolex watch to Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we will be happy to provide you with a completely free verbal appraisal & cash offer, sharing with you all the knowledge we have about your particular timepiece.


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