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How to Photograph a Watch You’re Selling

How to Photograph a Watch You’re Selling Featured Image

Learn the best angles and shots to take when photographing a watch.

If you would like to sell a watch to Diamond Estate, we usually will ask that you to send us a few photographs of your timepiece. Taking a good photograph of your watch can be tricky, but good photographs (including a clear one of the model number) will help us provide you with a more accurate appraisal and better preliminary cash offer.

In the following brief article, we’ll share with you a few techniques that you can use to take a good image of your valuable watch. However, don’t stress over the process too much. Most watches can be photographed with a smartphone using the angles outlined below.


How to Photograph the Watch Face

Photo of Rolex Milgauss watch face

Try to hold your watch in a straight line facing the camera. Make sure that the entire face is in focus.


How to Photograph the Crown and Lugs

Rolex watch lugs and crown details

Both the crown (the part where you wind/set your watch) and the lugs should be in focus and clearly visible in this photo, as seen above.


How to Photograph the Watch Back

Back of Rolex watch details

If the back of your watch contains engravings, logos, serial numbers, model numbers, or any other maker’s mark, these are all important pieces of information that help us appraise your timepiece.


How to Photograph the Watch Band (Back)

Back of Rolex watch band

This angle is especially important if there is a logo (such as the Rolex crown) on the back of the clasp. Like the face view, hold the watch in a straight line facing the camera and try to get as much of the band in focus as possible.


How to Photograph the Watch Band Details

Rolex logo inside of the watch band

Any writing or logos that you see on the inside of the band or buckle are important. This helps us to authenticate the watch as well as better assess the condition of the clasp.


How to Photograph the Watch Band’s Slack

Two photos comparing the slack in Rolex watch bands

This is a very important photo, and one that is often taken incorrectly. As watches are worn, they build up grit/dirt/grime between the links and pins in the strap. This grit acts as a cutting compound as the watch continues to be worn, damaging those links and pins and resulting in a looser fit.

To accurately show the band’s slack, hold your watch by the case, and let the band hang with its own weight. A like-new metal watch band will stick out horizontally (like the photo on the left), while a well-worn band will droop dramatically (like the photo on the right).


How to Photograph the Warranty Card (Front)

Front of Rolex warranty card

Serial numbers, model numbers, and style numbers help us to authenticate and date your timepiece. The more information you provide, the more accurate your preliminary appraisal will be.


How to Photograph the Warranty Card (Back)

back of Rolex warranty card

The date of purchase can also be helpful in valuing your timepiece. Make sure that the front and back of the warranty card is centered and in focus.


How to Photograph the Boxes and Paperwork

Rolex Milgauss with box and papers

Any additional information (such as boxes and paperwork) may add value to your inquiry. If you have any extras – show them off! This can include additional links, faces, purchase receipts, and professional appraisals.


Control the Light When Photographing Your Watch

Even if you have all of the angles correct, a poor lighting environment can still ruin good photo. Your shiny treasure reflects up to 99% of the light that hits it directly, so you’ll need a way to light it indirectly, or diffuse the light. Natural lighting is always best. Remember to also turn off your camera flash as this will create an obtrusive glare.

And that’s it! As mentioned before, all photos can be shot on a simple smartphone or mobile device and emailed to us directly.

To receive a free verbal appraisal of your luxury timepiece and a generous cash offer, contact Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers today.


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