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How to Sell a Hearts on Fire Diamond

How to Sell a Hearts on Fire Diamond Featured Image

Hearts on Fire diamonds are selected, cut, and polished from only the top 1% of diamonds in the world.

Sell a Hearts on Fire diamond ring quickly, securely, and for the highest cash price with Diamond Estate.

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The best way to sell a Hearts on Fire diamond ring, necklace, or earrings is to know exactly what diamond(s) you have. Keep in mind that just like other diamonds, every Hearts on Fire diamond is different. While you never will see a Hearts on Fire diamond with a low clarity grade, the diamonds do range in clarity from Flawless to Slightly Included. Likewise the color grade of a Hearts on Fire diamond can range from Colorless (DEF) to Near Colorless (GHIJ).

Diamond Estate will provide you with a free verbal market appraisal of your diamond engagement ring.

Hearts on Fire diamonds also, of course, come in a wide range of carat sizes — from ¼ carat up to 3 carats. Ordinarily when you buy Hearts on Fire diamond jewelry it comes with an AGS lab report, so identifying the details of your diamond isn’t a problem. What takes more time to figure out is where to sell your Hearts on Fire diamond for the highest price.

Sellers nationwide often have found that Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers has (by far) offered them the best cash offer for their Hearts on Fire diamond jewelry, while providing friendly service and lots of useful information.

As a boutique diamond buyer, Diamond Estate specializes in exceptional precious gemstones such as Hearts on Fire diamonds. Because we deal regularly with this branded diamond cut, we know exactly how to evaluate its worth on the resale market. And because we operate with a small team of experts with low overhead, we are able to pay you more than other diamond buyers, as well as online auctions that advertise as being the best place to sell a diamond.

Discover the cash difference that Diamond Estate can make when selling a Hearts on Fire diamond necklace, ring, or earrings. Call us or send us an email with the details about your Hearts on Fire diamond jewelry. You will hear back from us shortly with a preliminary appraisal — completely free of charge.

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Real Reviews From Customers

Thank you so much Paula for your professional handling of my heirloom diamond. When we first talked on the phone, your totally professional and knowledgeable demeanor regarding the read more diamond business assuaged any trepidation I had about sending my diamond. I was impressed with the way you shopped my diamond to get me the best possible price. When we agreed on the price the money was wired to my account within the hour. Well done! I will not hesitate to recommend Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to my friends and will tell them to ask for you by name!

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John P.


I needed to sell a 2 carat diamond and based on the excellent reviews, I decided to contact Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. I sent an email with the GIA report details and within 30 read more minutes I had a response from Paula with an estimated offer. After deciding to move forward, Paula emailed me shipping instructions and a prepaid FedEx label. I shipped my diamond and everything went incredibly smoothly. Paula, the buying consultant with whom I worked, was incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. I am absolutely thrilled with my experience and would recommend Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to anyone looking to work with true professionals.

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Melissa N.


We had a 14 carat diamond and were nervous of mailing it out of state. We were reassured from the beginning of the easy process, but we decided to fly out to California to meet the read more people at Diamond Estate. From the very beginning we were met with professionalism and treated very well. After given a reasonable quote, we decided to get a GIA certificate for the diamond just to be sure what it was. Jackie drove us all over the place to different jewelers to look at it as well as the GIA lab. She spent a whole day making us feel at ease. Jackie took us around fully knowing that we could go with other people’s offers and still chauffeured us to each place. In the end we found exactly what we are looking for with the Help of Carl and Jackie. Great experience for 2 girls from Colorado. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Melissa E.


Wonderful service! Paula made the selling process so easy for me from beginning to end. I live out-of-state, and she walked me through, step-by-step, exactly what to do to work with read more Diamond Estate to sell my diamonds. The process was effortless on my part! The owner gave me an excellent price. Paula was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with Diamond Estate.

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Amy F.


I had a wonderful experience selling them my diamond ring. Paula was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely do business with them again.

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Jennifer B.



About Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire is a diamond jewelry design company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company takes its name from the hearts and fire-burst patterns created in the diamonds they sell. Their proprietary cutting and polishing techniques have helped the firm grow to a worldwide leader in diamonds, marketed with the trademarked phrase “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.”

Hearts on Fire’s patented “Dream Cut” is featured in their popular Transcend ring.

Hearts on Fire founders Glenn and Susan Rothman started in the diamond business as wholesalers in 1978, but while on a business trip to Belgium in 1996, Mr. Rothman saw a diamond that would eventually launch his retail company. The diamond he saw featured a unique reflective pattern that he named “hearts on fire,” and he decided to base his new company on cutting diamonds in a way that would consistently replicate the precise optical symmetry necessary to produce the pattern.

Starting with only the top 1% of diamonds in the world, Hearts on Fire cuts and polishes each at 100X magnification — ten times the industry standard. Their closely guarded cutting and polishing methods result in diamonds that are consistently considered the highest quality in symmetry, proportion, and polish.

Hearts on Fire launched its first collection of diamond jewelry in 1999, and in little more than a decade became one of the most trusted diamond brands in the world. In 2002, the firm patented its own take on the modified square cut, called the “Dream” cut, which is featured prominently in their signature engagement ring, “Transcend.”


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Diamond Estate will gladly provide with a free verbal market appraisal of your Hearts on Fire engagement ring — regardless of whether you sell your ring to us. As an A+ BBB rated diamond buyer with thousands of satisfied clients nationwide, you can count on our diamond appraisal to be an accurate answer to the question, “How much is my Hearts on Fire diamond worth?”

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Diamond Estate buys Hearts on Fire diamond rings, earrings, and necklaces set with diamonds that are 1 carat in size or larger.


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