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How to Sell a Tiffany Diamond Ring & Jewelry

How to Sell a Tiffany Diamond Ring & Jewelry Featured Image

We buy Tiffany engagement rings, diamond earrings, bracelets & necklaces. Learn how much your Tiffany jewelry is worth.

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New York’s world famous Tiffany and Company was founded in 1837 as a “fancy goods” store that sold stationery, imported goods, and a small selection of jewelry. But after the firm obtained a large cache of diamonds from Parisian nobles fleeing France’s second revolution, Tiffany & Co. became the leader in a new “American style” of diamond jewelry. Inspired by the natural world, Tiffany jewelry designs highlighted simplicity, harmony, and clarity.

Read our reviews to confirm why Diamond Estate is the best place to sell your Tiffany diamond ring for more money.

At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we are steeped in the history of Tiffany diamond rings, and other pieces created by the legendary jeweler. As one of the country’s most prominent buyers of Tiffany estate jewelry, we are fortunate to deal regularly in extraordinary Tiffany diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Thanks to our expertise in Tiffany & Co., and a resale network built over decades, we are able to pay the very highest prices for previously-owned Tiffany diamond rings and fine jewelry. Indeed, we have clients who choose us over auction houses when it comes time to sell important estate jewelry from legendary jewelers such as Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Graff.

We pride ourselves in a pressure-free, transparent sales process. We will share with you everything that we know about the value of your Tiffany diamond ring, and offer you our very highest cash offer. Please read our reviews to confirm how much our clients have enjoyed selling their diamond jewelry and expensive timepieces to us.

As an A+ BBB registered jewelry buyer, you can be confident that you have sold your Tiffany diamond ring the smart way with Diamond Estate.

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Real Reviews From Customers

We contacted Carl to sell approximately 25 pieces of estate jewelry. He was extremely responsive and followed up the same day. His secretary was fantastic getting us an appointment read more quickly. Carl spent a long time explaining the pricing, appraisals, value, and process and made us feel very comfortable selling to him. We are extremely pleased with the entire experience and will definitely recommend him to others!

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Belinda K.


I had a wonderful experience selling them my Diamond ring. Paula was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely do business with them again.

facebook Reviews

Jennifer B.


Wonderful service! Paula made the selling process so easy for me from beginning to end. I live out-of-state, and she walked me through, step-by-step, exactly what to do to work with read more Diamond Estate to sell my diamonds. The process was effortless on my part! The owner gave me an excellent price. Paula was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with Diamond Estate.

yelp Reviews

Amy F.


While selling an engagement ring is never an emotionally fun experience, it was finally time to give it a new life. Working with Paula made the process so much easier. She is very professional read more and responsive, and showed a lot of empathy when I got misty-eyed on the phone. While I’ll admit to having been nervous about shipping my engagement ring off based on a few emails, the process went very smoothly. I was provided with an insured shipping label and instructions for packaging. I received a reasonable offer for my ring the day it arrived at their store. The transaction was settled exactly as agreed, and within hours of my giving final word. There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about in dealing with Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers via the web, and I would gladly use them again.

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Lisa Y.


When deciding to sell a special piece of jewelry, especially when you are sentimentally attached to it, it is very difficult to part with it. Then I realized that I would never wear read more it and keeping it in a box for years and years was useless. So I “made the call” to Lori after doing a little background reading of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. I was apprehensive about sending jewelry through the mail but it went very well and I was pleasantly surprised. Am I sure I received the best price? I have no way of knowing, but I was happy with what they offered and I am satisfied. I will no doubt use their services again.

yelp Reviews

Kathi B.


When I was thinking about selling a piece of jewelry I had, I looked at several different places. I just kept coming back to DEJB. I called, spoke with Paula & she was wonderful to read more work with. So friendly & knowledgeable. She explained everything to me from the first phone call. She really put my mind at ease. My transaction was quick & easy. Paula & Carl were so easy to work with. I will definitely work with them again. Thank you Paula & Carl for everything!

yelp Reviews

Rhonda B.


I had never sold anything online before, so was a little nervous about selling my Rolex. Based on Yelp reviews, I visited DEJB’s website and was pretty impressed. Worked with Paula read more to text some pics and got an estimate within hours. I got estimates from three other places and DEJB was right in line with two others, but was a touch higher. Based on the great customer service, I went with DEJB. Once I said I was in, Paula got me the prepaid, secure, insured shipping information within hours. Once received, they let me know my Rolex was as described and wired the full amount immediately. What else can I say? Fast, secure, friendly, fair – what more can you ask?

yelp Reviews

Scott E.


I had a timepiece that I was looking to sell and searched high and low to find a reputable dealer to appraise the piece and would offer a fair price. I came Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers read more online. At first I was hesitant to try an online service for this type of transaction but let me tell you, they were great. Paula helped me through the process and just as their website describes, it is a safe and secure method for this type transaction. It was a very smooth, seamless transaction…and the price was fair. I hope this review will allay any concerns people may have. I was hesitant at first, but now they will be my go-to people for this type of service in the future. Thanks again Paula for great customer-centric service.

yelp Reviews

John H.


Exceedingly pleased and impressed with this service. I worked with Paula who is professional, personal, and accountable. Everything happened as said from beginning to end, which was read more hard to believe at first. I re-read reviews even after I boxed up my items because of the anxiety! Paula helped normalize a sentimental event and held my trust throughout the whole process (which was actually very fast and exactly to description). Highly recommended and would use again without hesitation. Thank you Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, especially Paula!

yelp Reviews

Jesse S.


The people at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers were professional and courteous and offered a good price for my ring. I wasn’t sure I wanted to ship off my ring so I researched the company read more as much as I could until I was satisfied. Sure enough, their business with me matched up to the reputation I saw online. I highly recommend them.

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What Other Tiffany Pieces Can I Sell to You?

Diamond Estate purchase all types of Tiffany diamond and precious gemstone jewelry. You can contact us to sell a Tiffany diamond bracelet, sell a Tiffany sapphire ring, sell a Tiffany ruby pendant, sell Tiffany emerald earrings, and more. However, we specialize in premium Tiffany estate jewelry — items that were originally purchased for over $10,000.


Can I Sell My Tiffany Ring on Craigslist or eBay?

examples of tiffany diamond ring eBay listingsWhile theoretically you can try sell your Tiffany diamond ring to a private buyer on a platform such as Craigslist or eBay, in practice this is either not recommended or very difficult.

Selling expensive diamond jewelry via online classifieds on a site such as Craigslist is very risky (and potentially dangerous) due to the amount of money involved and potential for theft — both by buyers and sellers.

Sites like Craigslist are set up to sell common items such as tools or larger items, such as used cars. Not exquisite items of high value, such as Tiffany diamond jewelry, where the potential for fraud by the buyer or seller is greater.

When it comes to eBay, selling a Tiffany diamond ring is difficult for the average person. Firstly, eBay puts all sorts of restrictions on new sellers, one of which is limits on high-ticket items. And even further restrictions are put into place when trying to sell items from a luxury brand like Tiffany & Co. Secondly, most people are suspicious of buying high-brand jewelry from a stranger due to the proliferation of fakes. The most successful sellers of expensive diamond jewelry on eBay are jewelers who also have a bricks-and-mortar store.

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How to Sell Tiffany Antique Jewelry & Vintage Jewelry

Antique photo of Tiffany's storage room

Tiffany & Co. Storage Area circa 1887

If you are selling Tiffany antique jewelry or vintage jewelry, you might like to know a little more about the history of the jeweler, and a bit more about the item you are selling and its designer. Continue reading for a brief history.

Although the diamonds from France marked the first appearance of major gemstones in the United States and helped make Tiffany synonymous with jewelry, it was a publicity coup capitalizing on the laying of the Atlantic telegraph cable in 1858 that cemented Tiffany’s in the public imagination.

Charles Lewis Tiffany bought 20 miles of extra cable from the project, and had four inch lengths fashioned into watch charms, pendants, paperweights and cane handles. On the day the souvenirs went on sale, (some for as little as 50 cents), police were summoned to control the crowds anxious to own a piece of history.

Contact Diamond Estate for a free quote and best cash offer for your antique Tiffany diamond engagement ring.

Despite his success with the souvenirs, Tiffany was increasingly associated with fine jewelry for elite clientele, including a famous seed-pearl necklace worn by Mary Todd Lincoln at her husband’s 1861 inauguration. And in 1886, Tiffany introduced diamond rings with the famous Tiffany setting.

With brilliant simplicity and efficiency, the Tiffany setting anchors a single diamond to a plain band by six exposed prongs. This iconic setting lifts the stone off the band and into the light, highlighting brilliant cut diamonds and allowing them to show their true fire and radiance. The famous Tiffany setting remains the most popular diamond engagement ring setting to this day.

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Tiffany Jewelry by Edward C. Moore

As early as the late 1860s, Tiffany’s was well established as one of the world’s leading silversmiths thanks to Edward C. Moore, the jewelry design director and head of the silversmith workshop. Under his direction, Tiffany’s designers studied artifacts and jewelry objects from all over the world, and Europe began to take notice of the resulting designs.

Moore’s designs helped to win Tiffany’s first international award for silver in Paris in 1867, and when Tiffany won gold medals at the 1878 and 1889 Paris International Expositions, Moore received most of the credit. Moore’s works included “Japanesque” jewelry and archaeological revival pieces based on ancient Cypriot jewelry.


Tiffany Jewelry by Paulding Farnham

Diamond and pink tourmaline necklace designed by Paulding Farnham.

Diamond and pink tourmaline necklace designed by Paulding Farnham.

Joining Tiffany’s design department in 1885 at age 26, G. Paulding Farnham became a student of Edward Moore and distinguished himself as an artist in his own right, eventually becoming Tiffany’s preeminent nineteenth century jeweler. He made major contributions to the winning designs of 1889, and in 1900 was the main designer responsible for Tiffany’s Grand Prize triumph at the Paris Exhibition.

Farnham’s work included enameled and bejewelled orchids whose dimensions and details were uncompromisingly faithful to the originals. The French critics were also impressed by the variety of design sources he employed, which included Native American pottery; Louis XIV, XV, and XVI fashions; and Japanese and East-Indian jewelry.

Are you unsure who designed your antique Tiffany jewelry? Contact Diamond Estate for a free consultation.

Though Farnham’s design genius is well recognized in its own right, his association with gemologist George Kunz contributed in no small measure to his success. A young Kunz had succeeded in impressing Charles Lewis Tiffany with an exquisite green tourmaline in 1875, and the modern market for colored stones was born. Dr. Kunz went on to become the resident gem expert for Tiffany & Co, and provided Farnham a palette of fantastically colored stones including conch pearls, pink topaz, demantoid garnet, Mexican fire opals, Montana sapphires, and turquoise from Arizona.

Farnham employed these richly colored gems in much of his work, and his orchid brooch series remains one of the most iconic Tiffany collections. Despite his success, Farnham was ousted from his position in 1902 when Louis Comfort Tiffany officially assumed the role as director of design after the elder Tiffany’s death.

Sell Tiffany Antique Jewelry


Tiffany Jewelry by Louis Comfort Tiffany

With a professional background in watercolor painting and interior design, Louis Comfort Tiffany also created objets d’art, lamps, pottery, and stained glass. His pieces were quite well received, including a Grand Prize at Paris’s International Exhibition in 1900, but when he began work at Tiffany’s jewelry design department, he had not yet begun to work with jewelry.

Before trying to auction your antique Tiffany jewelry, contact Diamond Estate to discuss all your options.

His talents quickly translated to the new medium. As an American designer working in the Art Nouveau style, his jewelry employed organic motifs, but with a distinctly American perspective.

He depicted native blackberries, dandelions, and wild carrot flowers in his works using gold, platinum, mixed metals, enamels, and a variety of colored gemstones to capture the beauty of natural world he saw around him. While his designs were inspired primarily by nature, he was also influenced by Etruscan, Egyptian, and Moorish art which he had studied as a young man while traveling abroad.


Tiffany Jewelry Design in the 20th Century

18k Gold Diamond and Emerald Tiffany Band Ring by Jean Schlumberger

A Tiffany & Co. ring designed by Jean Schlumberger bought by Diamond Estate.

As the 20th century progressed, Tiffany designers continued to reflect the essence of the times, from the art deco styles of the roaring twenties to the modernism of the 1930s and into the aerodynamic age of the late 1940s, 1950s and beyond.

Tiffany’s jewelry artists continued to draw inspiration from nature, while newly discovered gemstones and precious metal combinations allowed for fresh interpretations of classic themes.

Designer Jean Schlumberger got his start crafting unique buttons for famed Parisian courtier Elsa Schiaparelli, and eventually his formidable talents were recognized by Tiffany & Co, who hired him in 1955.

His works included many interpretations of natural forms, including sea creatures and other animals. His inspired use of brightly colored enamels and colored stones made him a favorite of the world’s most glamorous women, including Jacqueline Kennedy, who wore so many of Schlumberger’s bracelets that the press dubbed them “Jackie bracelets.”

Diamond Estate also buys contemporary Tiffany diamond jewelry, including earings, bracelets, and necklaces.

In addition to Schlumberger, Tiffany & Co. continued to seek out visionary designers, including Elsa Peretti, whose elegantly simple work transformed jewelry design in the 1970s. Her organic, sensual forms, including the snake and the apple, are informed by her keen interest in detail and her sensibility as a sculptor.

Paloma Picasso joined Tiffany in 1980. Her works draw on the world around her, combining European sophistication with influences ranging from architecture to sunsets and landscapes, to even the graffiti of New York. Modern, chic, and geometric, while still boldly colorful, Paloma Picasso’s designs continue to enchant.

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Continued Innovation in Tiffany Jewelry Design

Throughout its history, Tiffany’s designers have employed their unique artistic sensibilities to transform aspects of the natural world into timeless designs of wearable art, while continuing to innovate in both design and materials.

For the observance of their 175th anniversary in 2012, Tiffany released a collection of jewelry fashioned from Rubedo, a newly minted alloy of copper and gold. These pieces continue the long tradition of innovation and simple elegance that has been the hallmark of Tiffany design since 1837.


Ready to Sell Your Tiffany Diamond Ring or Jewelry?

Emerald cut Tiffany diamond engagement ring

A large carat Tiffany diamond engagement ring bought by Diamond Estate.

Perhaps you own Tiffany jewelry you purchased but no longer wear like an engagement ring or a necklace. Or a vintage or antique Tiffany piece has been passed down to you and it just doesn’t fit your style.

You may find there are some highly collectible and valuable items within your collection. As with all fashion companies, Tiffany is constantly changing their styling. Sometimes Tiffany follows trends when they make new designs and other times they create new trends.

Either way, if you were to view Tiffany’s designs on a wall in order of their creation date, you would find a remarkable example of design evolution. Among Tiffany’s “design evolution wall” you would find designs that sold extremely well, some they probably wish they had never made and others that for one reason or another have become incredibly collectible.

That’s where Diamond Estate comes in. Allow us to be your Tiffany consultant and help you navigate the sale of Tiffany jewelry, so you can be sure you’re making an informed and intelligent decision when you decide to sell. We’ll get you an immediate quote and explain how and why we arrived at the price.

Contact us today for a completely free market appraisal of your Tiffany Diamond Ring, bracelet, earrings, necklace or brooch.

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We also buy Tiffany estate jewelry from all important collections in gold and platinum with diamonds and gemstones, including Tiffany Blue Book Collection, Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso, Tiffany T, Tiffany Soleste, Tiffany Paper Flowers, Tiffany Yellow Diamonds, Tiffany Metro, Tiffany Legacy, Open Heart, Enamel Bracelets, Tiffany Victoria, Tiffany Locks, Diamonds by the Yard, Infinity Bracelet, Starfish Necklace, Loving Heart, Tiffany Prism, Somerset Bracelet, and Return to Tiffany and more. We typically do not buy Tiffany jewelry made from sterling silver.


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