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How to Sell a Yellow Diamond Ring, Necklace or Earrings

How to Sell a Yellow Diamond Ring, Necklace or Earrings Featured Image

A diamond is considered a “fancy yellow diamond” when it falls outside the D-Z color range.

Would you like to sell a yellow diamond ring, earrings, or necklace? Follow three simple steps to ensure you receive the best cash price:

1. Research BBB registered businesses that buy diamonds from the public — looking for mentions that the buyer specializes in yellow diamonds.

2. Choose the top 3 diamond buyers, based on your research, and get a free diamond appraisal and cash offer from each.

3. Sell your yellow diamond jewelry. Get paid.

After conducting your research, we are confident that one of the diamond buyers you choose will be Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers.

Take some time to read our reviews, confirm our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and read a little bit about our history. All of these factors will convince you that Diamond Estate is one of the best places to sell a yellow diamond ring and fine jewelry.

Give us the opportunity to live up to our reputation. We are confident that you’ll be pleased that you contacted us.

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Real Reviews From Customers

Thank you so much Paula for your professional handling of my heirloom diamond. When we first talked on the phone, your totally professional and knowledgeable demeanor regarding the read more diamond business assuaged any trepidation I had about sending my diamond. I was impressed with the way you shopped my diamond to get me the best possible price. When we agreed on the price the money was wired to my account within the hour. Well done! I will not hesitate to recommend Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to my friends and will tell them to ask for you by name!

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John P.


I had a wonderful experience selling them my diamond ring. Paula was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely do business with them again.

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Jennifer B.


We had a 14 carat diamond and were nervous of mailing it out of state. We were reassured from the beginning of the easy process, but we decided to fly out to California to meet the read more people at Diamond Estate. From the very beginning we were met with professionalism and treated very well. After given a reasonable quote, we decided to get a GIA certificate for the diamond just to be sure what it was. Jackie drove us all over the place to different jewelers to look at it as well as the GIA lab. She spent a whole day making us feel at ease. Jackie took us around fully knowing that we could go with other people’s offers and still chauffeured us to each place. In the end we found exactly what we are looking for with the Help of Carl and Jackie. Great experience for 2 girls from Colorado. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Melissa E.


It was a pleasure working with owner Carl Blackburn. He bought a diamond from me and the process went as smooth as I could have ever imagined. I contacted his company via the website, read more sending him the diamond's specifics. He quickly returned with an offer. He then sent a FedEx Overnight label via email. The diamond was in his office the very next day and he immediately contacted me saying he needed a few hours to evaluate my diamond. Then he called me. We talked about the qualities of my diamond. Carl was very honest and kind. I agreed with his evaluation and he wired me the money. It was in my bank the very next day! I highly recommend.

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I needed to sell a 2 carat diamond and based on the excellent reviews, I decided to contact Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. I sent an email with the GIA report details and within 30 read more minutes I had a response from Paula with an estimated offer. After deciding to move forward, Paula emailed me shipping instructions and a prepaid FedEx label. I shipped my diamond and everything went incredibly smoothly. Paula, the buying consultant with whom I worked, was incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. I am absolutely thrilled with my experience and would recommend Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to anyone looking to work with true professionals.

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How Much Are Yellow Diamonds Worth?

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A Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring by Graff Recently Bought By Diamond Estate

The beauty of diamonds is unmatched in nature, and diamonds have held a special place among gem stone lovers for millennia. The quality and value of diamonds is judged by the famous Four Cs: Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat weight.

For most everyday diamonds, the highest valued color is white, or colorless, (D-F grades), with diamonds that exhibit color considered lower in quality (graded G-Z). There is, however, a special class of diamonds known as Fancy Colored Diamonds, which includes naturally occurring colored diamonds in nearly every color of the rainbow.

Among these rare beauties are fancy colored yellow diamonds, which exhibit a yellow far beyond the very pale yellow that devalues traditional white diamonds. A diamond is considered a “fancy yellow diamond” when it falls outside the D-Z color range. In this short article, we’ll take a look at these exceptional diamonds and what they’re worth.


What Are Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow diamonds were a true rarity until their discovery in South Africa in the 1860s. Today, the majority of yellow diamonds still comes from this source. Naturally occurring yellow diamonds (sometimes referred to as Canary Yellow Diamonds), are formed like all diamonds: deep within the earth’s crust, under extreme heat and pressure, carbon atoms for a strong lattice crystal, resulting in diamonds.

In the case of yellow diamonds, the presence of nitrogen atoms in the crystal lattice absorbs blue light, making the crystal reflect a yellow shade. The more nitrogen present in the crystal structure, the deeper the yellow, ranging from light to dark.


How Rare Are Yellow Diamonds?

All fancy colored diamonds are rare, making up only about 0.1% of all the mined diamonds in the world. Naturally occurring yellow diamonds are the second most common of the fancy colored diamond group, with brown being the most common.

Fancy colored diamonds make up only about 0.1% of all the mined diamonds in the world.

Even though they’re rare among all diamonds, yellow diamonds are actually relatively affordable among fancy colored diamonds. That said, you should still expect to pay a premium for yellow diamonds, especially for those that exhibit a deep or intense yellow.

It is important to remember that we are referring here to naturally occurring yellow diamonds, and that there are brownish diamonds available that have been treated in some way to achieve a yellow color. While these treated diamonds are real diamonds, they should be clearly labeled as “treated” diamonds and their price per carat a fraction of the price of a natural yellow diamond.

If you want to sell a yellow diamond ring and don’t know if the diamond has undergone treatment, Diamond Estate’s diamond buyers can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Color Grading for Yellow Diamonds

Yellow in diamonds can occur in a wide range of saturations, and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades fancy colored yellow diamonds on the following scale: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, and finally Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, and Fancy Vivid. As with all colored diamonds, the greater the color saturation (depth of color), the greater the overall value of the stone.

The smallest tint of brown will greatly decrease a yellow diamond’s value.

Determining color in yellow diamonds is somewhat subjective, as each grade is actually a color range and not a single point on a line. A stone that just barely makes it into the “Fancy Light” range may appear quite similar to one at the top of the “Light” range.

Like many colored diamonds, yellow diamonds may also exhibit secondary hues. Common combinations are “brownish yellow,” “orangy yellow,” or even “greenish yellow.” Generally speaking, yellow diamonds that exhibit a secondary hue are not as valuable as pure, intense yellow diamonds.

However, it is important to note that while the smallest tint of brown will greatly decrease a yellow diamond’s value, some green or orange tints can actually increase the cost of the stone. That is why it is always good to consult with an expert like Diamond Estate when selling yellow diamond jewelry.

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How Clarity Affects Price in Yellow Diamonds

A 4+ Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Recently Purchased By Diamond Estate

Like all fancy colored diamonds, clarity is a less important quality than color when determining the stone’s value. Even colored diamonds that have numerous inclusions leading to a low clarity grade can be highly prized if they display an intense face-up color. One thing that makes yellow diamonds stand apart from other fancy colored diamonds is their clarity.

Unlike blue or red diamonds which often have inclusions, many yellow diamonds can be found with high clarity ratings. The combination of good clarity and intensity of color will make for an appropriately expensive stone, though an increase in clarity will not increase the price as much as in increase in color intensity for a similarly sized yellow diamond.


How Cut Impacts Price in Yellow Diamonds

The shape and size of the diamond can influence the perceived color of fancy colored diamonds. Larger stones, with deeper pavilions, allow light to travel farther inside it, leading to more color intensity.

The cut of the diamond can also affect its color. Certain styles, like a mixed radiant cut, can intensify the stone’s yellow appearance, even improving yellow tinted ‘white’ diamonds into fancy yellows. Diamond cutters will strive to cut the diamond in the way that minimizes the amount of wasted rough stone, but also maximizes the stone’s face-up color.

Yellow diamonds are available in a variety of cuts, though you’ll find that they are cut to maximize their color, which in turn maximizes their value.


Overall Pricing of Yellow Diamonds

As we’ve seen, color intensity and the presence or absence of secondary hues are the most important qualities when pricing yellow diamonds. Carat weight is always important as well, with larger diamonds being generally more expensive.

At lower color intensities, like Fancy Light Yellow, a comparably sized white diamond of I Color with the same clarity will be priced quite closely to the yellow diamond. At stronger color intensities, however, yellow diamonds become quite a bit more expensive than similar white diamonds.

Prices for larger, intensely colored yellow diamonds will often be 50% more expensive than their white counterparts, and a Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds may be as much as 100% higher.


Where to Get a Yellow Diamond Appraisal

Large Diamond Buyers

Recent Buy: Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

At Diamond Estate, we sometimes are asked whether it’s a good idea to get an appraisal from a certified diamond appraiser before attempting to sell a yellow diamond ring or other jewelry set with a large carat yellow diamond.

Since there are sometimes significant costs involved with certified diamond appraisals that reduces your cash in hand after selling your diamond, we recommend following the 3 steps that we outlined at the beginning of this article.

That is, contact several diamond buyers with high BBB ratings for a free market appraisal of your yellow diamond jewelry. Then you can compare competing quotes before making a final decision.

Get started now by contact Diamond Estate for a verbal appraisal of your yellow diamond or yellow diamond jewelry. We look forward to showing you why we are the best place to:

– Sell Yellow Diamond Necklaces

– Sell Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

– Sell Yellow Diamond Earrings

– And More

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