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Market Prices: 4.12 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond

Market Prices: 4.12 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Featured Image

Recent Purchase: Large Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond with VS2 Clarity


  • Shape and Cutting Style: Cut-Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant
  • Carat Weight: 4.12
  • Color Grade: Fancy Yellow
  • Distribution: Even
  • Clarity Grade: VS2
  • Polish: Good
  • Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None

DIAMOND CASH OFFER ESTIMATE: $18,000.00 – $20,000.00


About the Diamond:

The Cut-Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant is the name given to this fancy diamond cutting style. The wordy title can be broken down as follows:

Cut-cornered: Corners are flattened.

Rectangular: Two sides are longer than the others. Although length and width measurements are fairly close with our diamond, being just .4mm off, they are still not close enough to consider it a cut-cornered square modified brilliant.

Modified Brilliant: Remember that the most common diamond cutting style is the Round Brilliant. A Round Brilliant diamond must be round in shape with 57-58 triangular facets, angled in just the right way to maximize the brilliance of the stone. Since our stone is not round, we use the term “modified” to take into account its rectangular perimeter. Other examples of modified brilliants include heart shapes, ovals, and pears.

Diamond Clarity:

Our diamond has a GIA clarity grade of VS2. The VS2 grade is primarily due to two small internal crystals in the bottom right corner of the diamond. The location of the crystals is key. The corner facets are excellent places to hide impurities, making them less obvious to the naked eye. If those same crystals were located in the center of the diamond, just beneath the table, GIA may have graded the diamond as an SI1 or lower.

Diamond Color:

For a diamond color to be considered fancy, it must fall below the standard D-Z color range. There are four grades of fancy yellow diamonds, ranging from light to vivid.

Our 4.12 carat yellow diamond falls into the second category from the left in the above photo: Fancy yellow. GIA uses these four categories to classify colored diamonds. However, color is something that should always be assessed in person. A diamond’s marketability depends on its actual appearance just as much as the accompanying paperwork.


The Cut-Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant is a great option for those who prefer a square or rectangular outline, coupled with the brilliance of a round cutting style. Even though this 4.12 carat diamond has a VS2 clarity grade, the inclusions are small and located near the edge of the stone, making them less noticeable to the naked eye. With this shape specifically, it is necessary to examine the diamond in person to accurately assess the brilliance, color, and overall appeal. It is the combination of these factors that give this fancy yellow stone its value and easily points us to our final cash offer.

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