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Aldo Broussard Owner of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers

A 2nd generation estate jewelry buyer, luxury watch expert, and fine jeweler.

Aldo's History

Aldo Broussard is the owner of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers and among the country’s top luxury estate buyers. As a prominent fine jewelry buyer, he is a recognized specialist in the purchase of important estate jewelry, diamonds, and expensive timepieces, as well as a vocal advocate for fair and ethical business practices among jewelry buyers.

Aldo is a 3rd generation jeweler who grew up immersed in the world of fine jewelry, precious gemstones, and luxury watches. His grandparents started Exclusive Diamonds & Loan in 1957 in Downtown San Diego. In 1984, the business was moved to the San Diego Jewelers Exchange (SDJE), and renamed “Carter’s Diamonds.” The San Diego Jewelers Exchange is the epicenter of San Diego’s fine jewelry trade, and the third largest jewelry center in California, after the Los Angeles and San Francisco jewelry districts.

From his early days as child, the SDJE became Aldo’s 2nd home. He wandered the 8 floor building, fascinated by all the precious jewels, while making friends with all of the fine jewelers. As a teenager, he began working in his parents’ jewelry store, eventually taking over the business in 2008.

At that point, Aldo split the business into two separate stores: Carter’s Diamonds (which deals primarily with estate jewelry and luxury timepieces) and Exclusive Diamonds (which deals mostly in Bridal jewelry, specifically Engagement Rings).

In 2020, Aldo purchased Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers to expand his reach as one of the country’s top estate jewelry buyers, and more easily assist clients nationwide.

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