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Where Can I Sell My Breitling Watch?

Where Can I Sell My Breitling Watch? Featured Image

Breitling’s association with aviation took off when it became a watch supplier to the Royal Air Force in 1936.

Who will buy your Breitling watch for the highest cash price? Diamond Estate is the answer. Our watch buyers specialize in fine timepieces from the world’s great watchmakers.

We work regularly with clients who want to sell a Breitling watch quickly, securely, and for the best possible cash return. The process starts with a free valuation of your used Breitling timepiece. Contact us now to get started.

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Diamond Estate purchases the finest Breitling timepieces, including the Bentley Flying B and Mulliner Tourbillon, Bentley Motors Complications Collection, Mark VI Complications 29, Chronomat 41, Emergency II Titanium, Windrider Blackbird, and Bentley GMT Light Body.


Real Reviews From Customers

I’m so happy that I found this amazing jeweler! The easiest and fastest transaction I’ve had. I sold my Cartier Roadster to them in 24 hours I had the money wired into my account. read more They are pleasant and honest people who will take good care of you! I highly recommend them!

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Ava L.


I had an outstanding experience dealing with Paula to sell a watch. Professional. In every aspect of the transaction, Paula was clear, accurate, knowledgeable, and very pleasant to read more deal with. I found this business through reading other reviews and decided to try. I’m writing to add my voice to the many who have had a great experience with DEJB. I will look no where else for future transactions – I recommend you do the same and contact them first.

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Paul K.


I appreciated their professionalism and responsiveness to me. I have been deciding if I want to sell my watch. Paula kept in contact, explained the process to me and followed up with read more me each step of the way. And it was fast! I highly recommend using them if your deciding to sell some of your high end jewelry.

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Michelle M.


I had a timepiece that I was looking to sell and searched high and low to find a reputable dealer to appraise the piece and would offer a fair price. I came Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers read more online. At first I was hesitant to try an online service for this type of transaction but let me tell you, they were great. Paula helped me through the process and just as their website describes, it is a safe and secure method for this type transaction. It was a very smooth, seamless transaction…and the price was fair. I hope this review will allay any concerns people may have. I was hesitant at first, but now they will be my go-to people for this type of service in the future. Thanks again Paula for great customer-centric service.

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John H.


Diamond Estate Jewelry offered the best cash price for my watch; $300 more than the local place I talked to. And the wire transfer was very simple and smooth. Recommend them and would read more use them again

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Patrice W.



Breitling is a Swiss watchmaker known for its superior work making technical watches, particularly chronographs, and for its long association with aviation. Their watches have historically featured innovative complications specifically useful to aviators, though their wide appeal is based on overall precision, quality, and durability.

We Buy Breitling Navitimer

A Breitling Navitimer Recently Bought By Diamond Estate

Breitling’s association with aviation took off when it became a supplier to the Royal Air Force in 1936. The Chronomat, introduced in 1942, was the first wrist chronograph fitted with a circular slide rule, a feature that allowed pilots to make multiple in-flight calculations. In 1952, Breitling introduced a new version, the legendary Navitimer, now the world’s oldest mechanical chronograph still in production.

If you have a Breitling Navitimer that you would like to sell, you can count on Diamond Estate to make you a generous cash offer. We are especially interested in purchasing limited-edition watches from the Navitimer series, such as the Blue Sky 60th Anniversary Navitimer, the Rattrapante, and the GMT Aurora Blue. Early vintage Navitimers that are in excellent condition are also sought-after.

If you are thinking about auctioning your Breitling, instead of selling it direct to a watch buyer like Diamond Estate, please to contact us first to discuss your timepiece. We are watch enthusiasts and enjoy talking with new clients about their valuable timepieces, regardless of whether or not you decide to sell your watch to us.

As an A+ BBB rated buyer of Breitling watches, Diamond Estate is a company you can count on to give you accurate information about the value of your Breitling — as well as your selling options.

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About Breitling Watches

We Buy Breitling Cosmonaute

Astronaut wearing a Breitling Cosmonaute inside the Aurora 7 spacecraft in 1962.

Breitling was founded in 1884 in the Swiss Jura by Léon Breitling, who from the very beginning devoted himself to the demanding field of chronographs and timers. His precision instruments were intended for science and industry, but they were particularly well suited to the coming rise of automobiles and airplanes.

Breitling invented the first independent chronograph pushpiece in 1923, but it was the separation of the stop/start function from resetting that proved most useful to early motor sport: several successive times could be added without resetting the hands to zero. In 1934 Breitling added a second independent reset pushpiece, and the modern wrist chronometer born.

Breitling’s contemporary watches feature in-house movements of remarkable precision, built using modern technology to confirm each component’s exact dimension. New models pushing the envelope of watch performance include the Emergency, featuring an emergency locator transmitter, and the B55 Connected, a smartwatch.

The company continues its deep connection to aviation with its sponsorship of the Breitling Jet Team and its association with Reno and Red Bull Air Races.


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We Buy Breitling Watches

A Pre-Owned Breitling Bentley Recently Purchased By Diamond Estate

There are no long waits involved when you sell a Breitling watch to Diamond Estate. If you try to auction your watch, you will have to wait several months for payment. But when you sell to us, you can have cash in hand within a few days of asking us for a free quote.

After we evaluate your Breitling watch and you accept our cash offer, we will pay you immediately. Let us help you discover how much your Breitling watch is really worth, and why people nationwide consider us the best place to sell a Breitling watch.


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Watch a Brief History of Breitling SA

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