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Where to Sell Gold Jewelry Online

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Diamond Estate is best place to sell gold jewelry from Tiffany & Co., Buccellati, Cartier, and other luxury makers.

Where is the best place to sell gold jewelry online? You can sell gold jewelry and other precious gold merchandise to one of the most recognized and trusted gold jewelry buyers in the United States: Aldo Broussard, owner of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers.

Widely recognized as buyer of extraordinary gold jewelry, Aldo has helped thousands of people nationwide sell gold jewelry and diamonds for a generous cash price, while providing friendly and impeccable service.



At Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, we provide you with an opportunity to sell gold privately and with complete confidence. We specialize in designer gold jewelry and antique jewelry. If you are looking for the best place to sell gold jewelry from Tiffany & Co., Buccellati, Cartier, and other luxury makers, then contact us today for an absolutely free, no risk, appraisal of your precious gold jewelry*.

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*Please note that as a boutique jewelry buyer who specializes in the finest gold jewelry, we only purchase items that have a resale value over $1,500. We do not buy gold filled or gold plated jewelry, or gold jewelry less than 14K.


Real Reviews From Customers

Carl is a very straight forward and honest businessman. I sent him some pictures and chatted on the phone with him for a few minutes, and then he offered me a very fair price. I was read more a little hesitant at first as I am not in the jewelry business and the idea of sending my jewelry across the country via mail was a little worrisome. However, this couldn't have gone more easily - he received the ring and paid me what he said he would the next day. Great experience and great business.

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Jeremy D.


When deciding to sell a special piece of jewelry, especially when you are sentimentally attached to it, it is very difficult to part with it. Then I realized that I would never wear read more it and keeping it in a box for years and years was useless. So I “made the call” to Lori after doing a little background reading of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. I was apprehensive about sending jewelry through the mail but it went very well and I was pleasantly surprised. Am I sure I received the best price? I have no way of knowing, but I was happy with what they offered and I am satisfied. I will no doubt use their services again.

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Kathi B.


When I was thinking about selling a piece of jewelry I had, I looked at several different places. I just kept coming back to DEJB. I called, spoke with Paula & she was wonderful to read more work with. So friendly & knowledgeable. She explained everything to me from the first phone call. She really put my mind at ease. My transaction was quick & easy. Paula & Carl were so easy to work with. I will definitely work with them again. Thank you Paula & Carl for everything!

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Rhonda B.


Exceedingly pleased and impressed with this service. I worked with Paula who is professional, personal, and accountable. Everything happened as said from beginning to end, which was read more hard to believe at first. I re-read reviews even after I boxed up my items because of the anxiety! Paula helped normalize a sentimental event and held my trust throughout the whole process (which was actually very fast and exactly to description). Highly recommended and would use again without hesitation. Thank you Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, especially Paula!

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Jesse S.


I worked with Paula the most and she was great. Very patient, very kind; answered all my many questions. Received agreed upon payment extremely fast, as promised. It is scary to send read more jewelry in the mail, but everything worked as I was told it would. I would do this again.

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Faye N.



Selling Gold Jewelry — Understanding Purity & Alloys

Gold is valued not simply by its weight, but by its purity, or fineness, which is expressed in karats, (kt.) or carats (ct.) This seemingly simple metric can be more complicated than first thought, thanks in part to the fact that pure gold is extremely soft, and unsuitable for the manufacture of jewelry. As a result, pure gold is usually mixed, or alloyed, with other metals to make it more durable.

The most pure gold is 24 karat gold. All other gold will have a lesser karat value, and is in fact simply an alloy of gold and some other metal or metals. The karat value represents the ratio by weight of gold to the other metals. Since pure gold is 24 karats, all alloys are expressed as the parts gold per 24.  For example, 18 parts gold out of a possible 24 is 18K gold — 75% pure, with 25% being other metals.


Recently Bought by Diamond Estate

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How to Identify Gold Jewelry

Online Gold BuyersIn 1906 the United States began to require purity marks on all gold and silver. These marks remain a quick and easy way to check your jewelry’s gold content. Pure gold is too soft for serviceable jewelry, so you are likely to find “14k” or “18k,” which would indicate the piece is made of 14 karat or 18 carat gold respectively.

European gold markings are often expressed in decimals. A mark of 750 would indicate 18 karat gold, or 75% pure gold.

Other marks to look for on gold jewelry include EP (electroplated), GEP (gold electroplated), RGP (rolled gold plated), and HGE (heavy gold electroplate), indicating that a piece is rolled, filled, or plated with gold. It is important to note that just because a piece doesn’t have one of these marks doesn’t mean it is solid gold. For a piece without markings, you’ll may need to use a different method to determine the gold content.

Often you can tell if a piece is gold plated by close inspection. Discoloration, uneven coloring, or chipping can indicate that a piece is plated. If your jewelry discolors your skin, the gold is certainly fake.

An acid test is the most reliable gold test available at an affordable price.

Handheld XRF “guns” are what many professional gold buyers use to test gold. But priced into the thousands of dollars, they aren’t something the average member of the public would use. An acid test is the most reliable test available at an affordable price. You can purchase a kit for under $20 and test the piece yourself, though interpreting the results can be difficult. Used mainly to determine the purity of gold jewelry, acid testing will reveal if a piece is gold plated. However, if a piece is “Gold Filled” (usually identifiable with the markings “G.F.”), an acid test will tell you that the item you are testing is gold, when in fact it is not.

Another way to determine if a piece of jewelry is solid gold is to perform a density test. You’ll need to accurately weigh your piece in grams, and immerse it in a graduated cylinder and read the number of millimeters of water it displaces. (The piece must be all gold, with no gemstones).

Pure gold has a density of 19.3 grams per millimeter, so dividing the mass of you piece by the number of millimeters of water it displaces will give you a good gauge of its density. The closer the number to 19.2, the more pure the gold.

Magnet testing can be used for jewelry, but is often inconclusive as lower purity solid gold can have magnetic properties, and plated metals are often non-magnetic.

None of this testing is, of course, necessary if you have gold jewelry from a well-established jewelry brand such as Cartier or Tiffany & Co.. If you would like sell gold jewelry online from a celebrated luxury jewelry, contact Diamond Estate now for an immediate cash offer for your items.

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The Best Place to Sell Gold Jewelry – Customer Reviews

Bvlgari Jewelry Appraisals

A Bvlgari 18k white gold and diamond necklace recently bought by Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers.


While Diamond Estate purchases valuable gold jewelry from clients nationwide, we also buy gold jewelry locally from our main office in San Diego, CA. Below are a couple of reviews from customers who have visited Diamond Estate to sell gold jewelry.

What a relief when we met with Carl to sell my gold.

This was the first time I have ever sold gold, so I was a bit nervous, since I have heard of all the gold scams out there. What a relief when we met with Carl to sell my gold. He is very personable, friendly and professional. He answered all of our questions about selling gold without hesitation.

I thought he was very straightforward and knowledgeable. He will weigh your gold items in front of you and for the items that he cannot read the stamp on he will test them. He even explained the testing process to us. He was very upfront and explained the steps he uses to calculate the prices he pays. Wow what a surprise, I thought I was going to get a lot less than what he actually paid. I definitely walked away feeling like I had been treated very fairly. – Michelle T.


Carl is knowledgeable, kind, and honest. It was a pleasure to have met him.

After a few stops at some local pawn shops to sell my gold, I came to see Carl with the small yellow folders which had been given to me by one of the pawn shop owners. These small folders contained the gold I was trying to sell. Each folder had been marked with the karat of gold contained within. Carl took the folders and began opening them one by one, placing them in small piles.

Visually piece by piece he inspected the jewelry and to both mine and Carl’s disbelief most of the pieces were not what the pawn shop said they were. The folders that supposedly contained 10kt were actually 14kt! Can you believe that? Carl is very knowledgeable, kind and honest. It was a pleasure to have met him, and I highly recommend stopping by to see him when you are looking to sell gold jewelry. Thank you Carl! – Jane C.

Read more about what customers have to say about working with Diamond Estate to sell gold jewelry, sell a diamond ring, and more at: Jewelry Buyer Reviews.

Ready to sell your gold jewelry now? You can start the quick and convenient gold sales process by telling us a little bit about your item(s) by clicking on the contact button below. We look forward to helping you sell gold jewelry online confidently and profitably!

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How to Sell Colored Gold Jewelry Online

Gold Ring BuyersOften times people who wish to sell gold jewelry online have items that were made with colored gold. This is especially true of luxury designer jewelry which popularly uses white or pink gold, and antique gold jewelry which sometimes features green gold.

Below you will find some more information about colored gold, so that you can obtain a better understanding of the precious metal in your gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


What is Colored Gold?

All gold is colored of course — we can all picture stacks of gold bricks in some mythical vault: a rich, lustrous golden hue reflecting a bright glint of light that meets the eye with a ubiquitous, “bling!” But not all gold is the pure gold of those iconic bricks. Since pure 24 carat gold is too soft to be used in jewelry, most of the gold we see on a daily basis is an alloy, or a mixture of gold with other metals. And while many of the metals used to strengthen gold are specifically chosen to preserve the color we all know and love, some alloy metals can produce different colors.


Sell White Gold Jewelry

White gold is a mixture of gold and a white metal, most commonly nickel, palladium, or manganese. It is available in a wide variety of hues, from pale yellow to tinted brown to pale rose-red. Often covered with a plating of rhodium for durability, white gold is probably the most popular ‘colored’ gold. It is commonly used in all kinds of jewelry, from rings and necklaces to pins and brooches.

The qualities of white gold vary depending on the metals used, with nickel producing a hard alloy suitable for pins and rings, and silver and palladium yielding a more malleable alloy, good for gemstone settings. Typical alloys used for making jewelry can include as much as 10% nickel, which can lead to allergic reactions for some, especially on rings when the rhodium plating grows thin.

Sell White Gold Jewelry


Sell Rose Gold Jewelry

Also known as pink or red gold, rose gold is a gold and copper alloy. Its ‘redness’ is directly related to the copper content in the alloy — the more copper, the stronger the red color. Typical alloys are 75% gold, with the remaining 25% being copper (red gold) or copper and silver (rose and pink gold). Red gold was extremely popular in Russia in the early 1800s, and is recently experiencing a comeback in the 21st century, being commonly used for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Sell Rose Gold Jewelry


Sell Green Gold Jewelry

Green gold is an alloy of silver and gold, once known in its naturally occurring state as “electrum.” The color of green gold is subtle — more a ‘yellow gold with a greenish tint’ — and is best highlighted against areas of yellow, white, or rose gold. Traditional green gold was made of 75% gold and 25% silver, though harder metals like nickel and zinc are now commonly added for strength. Cadmium can also be used to produce green alloys, but health concerns have greatly curtailed its use.

Sell Green Jewelry


Sell Purple or Blue Gold Jewelry

Purple and blue gold result from intermetallic compounding rather than alloying, and their properties can be quite different from gold. Purple gold, (or amethyst gold), is a gold-aluminum intermetallic, and though nearly 80% gold, it is extremely brittle, and is often cast and faceted to be used as a “pseudo-gem” in jewelry.

Blue gold is an intermetallic compound of gold and indium, typically used only to surface plate gold or silver to attain a blue color. Black gold can be achieved by electroplating with black rhodium, or by patination using sulfur and oxygen compounds. These so-called ‘exotic’ gold colors remain rare, and are mainly used as highlights in multi-colored gold pieces.

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Where can I sell my gold jewelry online? With Diamond Estate.

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